Our Packaging

  • Ironically, very few Indian companies give packaging due credit or importance. USF is in the market to ensure we change the myth by processing and marketing premium quality packaging material. As we all know and understand that quality is today the most potent marketing tool available for the below mentioned reasons:

    • It is the most important means of product differentiation. USF provides options like coloured stretch films and white corrugated boxes to ensure the product batches are identified and differenciated successfully.
    • It is the best way of providing brand or corporate identity. USF has come up with options like Printed Stretch Films to ensure additional branding opportunities for our clients at optimum costs.
    • It is what makes a brand or product stand out in a veritable jungle of competing brands or brand variants. USF ensures that all their products are futher packed in 5 ply corrugated boxes to suit the product sizes and they are further stretch wrapped to ensure their safe transit to counter tough weathers in India and abroad.
    • In the consumer's mind, the package quality is the indicator of product quality. Our Statement, "We help you pack your pride" speaks for itself. Using our film could be the last operation at our clients' end but their clients see our films and the wrapping as the first step. Its our job to ensure your product which is your pride reaches your clients intact and safe.
    • Package graphics and innovation design influences in the purchasing decision. USF only makes their product from virgin plastics to ensure their aesthetics is maintained at all times.
    In other words, it is packaging that has made all the difference in many markets. It is time for people to realise how important the packaging really is and give it due attention. We at USF, are committed to ensure our clients continue to wrap and pack their pride using USF products.

    At USF, Quality is not an act, it is a habit !!